The Process of Automobile Transportation


Moving your vehicle from one place to another is not difficult when you an auto transportation system. You do not have to drive or tow your vehicle to your desired location, a transport company will make sure that your car or truck arrives safely. This service is also referred to as car shipping, auto shipping or vehicle shipping. Reading this you may think that the service is difficult to preform, but these companies use special trucks to transport multiple vehicles all over the country. This article will cover the different transportation methods and the best way to find a reliable transportation company.


The transportation process is easy for the customer, but this is only after they do thorough research to find the best auto transportation company. In order to get the shortest transport time at the cheapest price, you will need to evaluate many different car transport companies. The internet is the best place to perform this research, you will be able to find and compare all the companies out there. The internet will give you a lot of options, so take your time and research thoroughly.


One type of transportation is open-type auto transportation, this process means that your vehicle will be open to all of the elements. They type of transportation is the most popular with customers and car transportation companies alike; this means that it will be an easier service for you to locate. Your vehicle might be one of ten vehicles being transported on one truck. The openness of this style could leave your vehicle at the mercy of the weather but it is rare that any vehicle gets damaged while in transit.


The next type is closed type transportation, this means that your vehicle will be closed to the elements. Weather will not be able to damage your vehicle as it is inside the carrier. To ensure all vehicles are safe, only two or three can be transported at a time, this makes this service more expensive. This service is very popular when transporting expensive or luxury vehicles.


Once you determine the type of carrier you want your vehicle to be transported in, you will need to determine how and where you want your vehicle picked up and delivered. The two options you have here are door to door delivery or terminal delivery. Door to door delivery consists of a carrier picking your vehicle up from your home or a desired location and dropping it off at another home or another preselected location. If you choose to go with terminal deliver you will have to drop your car off at a terminal and they will deliver it to another terminal.